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Cross Stitch and Needlework Fabrics

We have tried to list a wide selection of fabrics, a lot of these fabrics are only available to us in 1 yard measurements. We realize that many people require smaller amounts to suit a special project and for that reason we will try and provide smaller amounts if possible - usually these will be in quarter and half yard quantities. Some of these smaller quantities have been listed but if you do not find a quarter or half yard of your desired fabric - please contact us and we will advise if we can provide it and what the cost and approximate delivery date will be.

Handy calculator for sizing your fabric.

  • Graziano - 40ct Ricamo
  • Klostern
  • Lugana 20ct
  • Newport Linen - 28ct
  • Primitive Hare Fabric
  • Wichelt 14ct Aida
  • Wichelt 16ct Aida
  • Wichelt 18ct Aida
  • Wichelt Linen 32ct Hand Picked by Nora
  • Zweigart Congress Cloth 24ct
  • Zweigart Cork (18ct) Linen
  • Zweigart Cork 19ct Linen

  • Charles Craft

    Many of the Charles Craft fabrics are packaged in tubes - in order to keep your shipping costs as low as possible we usually remove the fabric from the tube and instead package it in a zip lock bag for shipping.

  • Charles Craft Aida 11ct
  • Charles Craft Aida 14ct
  • Charles Craft Aida 16ct
  • Charles Craft Aida 18ct
  • Charles Craft Fiddlers
  • Charles Craft Hardanger
  • Charles Craft Irish Linen
  • Charles Craft Monaco

  • Hand Dyed Fabrics

  • Country Stitch Kiwi Illusions
  • Country Stitch Kiwi Sparkles
  • Crossed Wing Collection Hand Dyed Linen 28ct
  • Dames of the Needle Hand Dyed Fabric
  • Dew or Dye Hand Dyed Fabric
  • Enchanting Lair Fabrics
  • Lakeside Linens
  • Legacy Linen
  • Legacy Linen - Dower Quality
  • Picture This Plus Hand Dyed Fabrics
  • Polstitches
  • R and R Reproduction Linens
  • Silkweaver Hand Dyed Fabrics
  • Silkweaver Reflections/Opalescent
  • Stitches and Spice Hand Dyed Linen
  • Weeks Dye Works Gingham Linen - 28ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 20ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 30ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 32ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 35ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 36ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 40 ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Wool Fabric
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Aida 14ct
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Aida 16ct
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Jobelan
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Linen 28ct
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Linen 32ct

  • Other Fabrics

  • Aida Country French Soft Touch
  • Banding
  • Cashel Linen 28ct
  • DMC Impressions
  • Glasgow Linen
  • Graziano Patterned Fabrics
  • Hardanger 22ct
  • Heatherfield 10 Count Fabric
  • Jobelan 20ct
  • Jobelan 25ct
  • Jobelan 28ct
  • Jobelan 32ct
  • Linen Cork
  • Lugana 25ct
  • Lugana 28ct
  • Lugana 32ct
  • Mono Canvas Deluxe Zweigart
  • Northern Cross Linen 27ct
  • Northern Cross Linen 30ct
  • Northern Cross Linen 35ct
  • Pearl Linen - Zweigart
  • Petitpoint Canvas - Mono
  • Quaker Cloth, 28ct
  • Salem Cloth
  • Stitchband
  • Tula 10ct
  • Vinyl Weave
  • Waste Canvas
  • Wexford 32ct Linen
  • Wichelt Betsy Ross Linen 10ct
  • Wichelt Canvas Interlocking
  • Wichelt Country French Aida 14ct
  • Wichelt Country French Aida 16ct
  • Wichelt Country French Linen 28ct
  • Wichelt Country French Linen 32ct
  • Wichelt Linen 18ct
  • Wichelt Linen 22ct
  • Wichelt Linen 26ct
  • Wichelt Linen 28ct
  • Wichelt Linen 30ct
  • Wichelt Linen 32ct
  • Wichelt Linen 35ct
  • Wichelt Linen 40ct
  • Zweigart Davosa 18ct
  • Zweigart Aida 11ct
  • Zweigart Aida 14ct
  • Zweigart Aida 16ct
  • Zweigart Aida 18ct
  • Zweigart Aida 20ct
  • Zweigart Aida 8ct
  • Zweigart Belfast Linen
  • Zweigart Dublin Linen 25ct
  • Zweigart Edinburgh Linen
  • Zweigart Jazlyn 28ct
  • Zweigart Linda
  • Zweigart Newcastle Linen 40ct

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