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Maxine Gadd

This page may not contain all items available from Maxine Gadd. If you do not see what you are looking for please email us and if possible we will add the item to this page or order it for you.

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Adele Sessler

Alena Lazareva

Amy Brown

Angel Virtues

Anima McKertcher

Ann Masiker

Ann Stokes

Annie Rodrigue

Arden Ellen Nixon

Arthur Rackham

B.K. Lusk

Barbara Brown

Bec Winnel

Becki Bolton-Blackburn

Becki Bolton-Blackburn

Bente Schlick

Bernadette Lusk

Beth Hansen

Bill Dodge

Bill Plank

Bob Byerley

Brenda Mousseau

Brenda Mousseau

Bridget Tavener

Brigid Ashwood

Camilla Costa

Cari Buziak

Carmen Keys

Carol Ochs

Carrie Hawks

Carrie Hawks

Charles Vess

Ching-Chou Kuik

Christine Bowman

Christopher Bell

Christopher Vacher

Christy Grandjean

Ciro Marchetti

Cynthia Matyi

David Penfound

Dean Morrisey

Dennis Lewan

Don Paresi

Dona Gelsinger

Drazenka Kimpel

Ed Beard Jr

Elaine Cox

Ellen Jareckie

Enchanted Scribbles

Eugene Bidau

Evelyn De Morgan

Frank Dicksee, Sir

Gail Gash Taylor

Gary Patterson

Giovanna Adams

Gordon Fitchett

Gordon Lee

HAED Original

Hannah Disney

Hannah Lynn

Hans Holbein

Heaven And Earth Designs - Faces

Heaven And Earth Designs - Quick Stitch

Howard David Johnson

Irina Garmashova

Ivory Cats

J.M. Leotti

J.M. Leotti

Jacek Yerka

Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly

Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly

James C Christensen

James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Jane Wooster Scott

Janet O Rourke

Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jayne Parker

Jeff Haynie


Jen Delyth

Jena Della Grottaglia

Jennifer L. Meyer

Jennifer Nilsson

Jesse Gelsinger

Jesse Wolf Hardin

Jessica Galbreth

Jim Warren

Jo Lynch

Joan Marie

Joanne Schempp

John Duncan

John Everett Millias

John Hoskins

John Maler Collier

John Patience

John William Godward

Jonathon Earl Bowser

Josephine Wall

Judy Mastrangelo

Julia Burgess

Julie Fain

JW Baker

Karen Middleton

Katerina Koukiotis

Kathy Siney

Kayomi Harai

Kinuko Y Craft Arts

Kirstin Mills

Krystal Camprubi

Kylie InGold

L Frederick Leighton

L.A. Williams

Laurie Prindle

Lee Ann Seed

Lierre Foest

Lierre Foest

Linda Biggs

Linda Ravenscroft

Linda Tso

Lisa Steinke

Lisa Victoria


Marc Chegall


Marjorie Sarnat

Marta Dahlig

Mary Thompson

Matt Stewart

Maxine Gadd

Melissa Dawn

Meredith Dillman

Michel Tcherevkoff

Michele Lee Phelan

Michele Zarb

Mikki Senkarik


Misty Benson

Molly Harrison

Monica Kuchta

Myka Jelina

Myles Pinkney

Myrea Pettit

Nadia Strelkina

Nadia Tate

Nancy Faulkner

Nene Thomas

Nikki Burnette

Ora Moon

Pauline Pacquin

Penny Golledge


Rachel Anderson

Rachel Junek

Rachel Marks

Rachel Tallamy

Randal Spangler

Rebecca Guay

Rebecca Sinz

Roger Bansemer

Ruth Sanderson

Ruth Thompson

Sandi Baker

Sandra Kuck

Sandra SanTara

Sandy Brooks

Sara Butcher

Sarah Pauline

Schim Schimmel

Schim Schimmel

Scott Gustafson

Selina Fenech

Sophie Anderson

Stacey Tippin

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Stephanie Roberts

Steve A. Roberts

Steven Paul Carlson

Sue Clyne

Sue Miller

Suzanne Gyseman

Tamara Newman

Teri Rosario

Thomas Canty

Thomas Rivers Lovelace

Tiffany Toland

Tiny Treasures

Tom Allen

Tom Cross

Tony Foti

Tracy Butler

Valerie Hartley

Vicki Visconti-Tilley

Warwick Goble

Wendy Kathleen

Wendy Wolf

William Affleck

William Bouguereau

William Morris Hunt

Yumi Sugai

Yvonne Gilbert

Zindy Nielsen

Heaven and Earth Designs


Product No: 701770
Supplier Code: 2723

Designer/Artist: Maxine Gadd
Publisher: Mystic Stitch
Our Price: $ 16.50

200 x 280 Stitches

click here to view larger image of Alburnus (chart)

Ships in 10 - 14 days
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Chrysella At The Ball
Product No: 739748
Supplier Code: 5379

Designer/Artist: Maxine Gadd
Publisher: Mystic Stitch
Our Price: see below

Completed Size: 13 7/8" X 18 7/8" Stitch Count: 250 X 341

click here to view larger image of Chrysella At The Ball (chart)

ships in 7 - 10 days
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Related cross stitch designs: [fairies]
Product No: 743271
Supplier Code: HAEMAG163

Designer/Artist: Maxine Gadd
Our Price: $ 19.00

Stitch Count: 400W x 282H
Approx Design Size: 16"W x 11-1/4"H

click here to view larger image of Snow (chart)

Ships in 10-14 Days
add extras:upgrade to large print --- add $4.00

If the optional fiber/beads package is offered above and the designer has specified the quantities needed to complete the above item - all the necessary supplies are included. If the chart does not specify the amounts needed you will receive at least one package/skein/spool of the materials listed on the chart - in those cases more may need to be purchased. If optional fiber package is not offered as an add on - the fibers are not included in the chart price.
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